My DoP.. and why he is so important to my shoots

People who know me.. know Bear… they know he is the most talented, creative camera man you can dream of working with.. he also knows his stuff.

Neill Phillips, owner of Epicdream productions, is a master when it comes to cameras, lenses and lights. Always thinking outside of the box he will look at new ways of creating a shot for me. He has given me some of the most amazing scenes for the projects I have worked on and has also inspired me in my own camera work. I have started using my kit more and more thanks to him.

Bear has shown ways to utilise everything from GoPros to Black Magics, an iPhone to and F55, RED, ARRI.. you name it.. he has seen things through them and delivered THE shot I want.

A director is only as good as the people he has around him and only they can give him the shots he needs.

I am lost without Bear when he is not on my set. He is an asset to any production and those who have worked with him will know this.

Director of Photography. Friend.