Cons of the film industry Part 1… Its all in the presentation.

From time to time, I am reminded of the good times I have had over the past years filming….. Then I get the odd reminder of the bad times… the ones that affect your future and relationships with people. Jeopardise your projects, your faith and cost you money… a lot of money.

People can be whoever they want to be.. the internet allows this. Its clever enough and big enough to let people see what they want to see and what they are expected to see. You can plant any seed at anytime and it will grow and become a fact… its cant be changed if its been there long enough because people will be believe it.. I know…. I believed.

IMDb gave me the credits I wanted to see for a person who was going to help me make my film. The positions were too good to be true but there they were.

The website was filled with amazing facts and statements that were perfect for me to believe that this person was genuine.

The email from the member of staff in the states was confirmation that I was dealing with a pro.

NO MONEY was needed for this to happen…. I was going to get my film made…… a Sure Fire Hit…. bring on the fanfare!

So I started giving this individual everything he needed… the script, the storyboards, the teaser trailer I had shot in my conservatory, the music I had acquired from talented musicians, the posters created by industry talents, the LOI’s from decent talent and known people, asll there ready for him on our first meeting. He made me feel great when he stood up, adjusted his jacket and said “Darren, I would like to add your film to our company slate and source finance for your film”. I had done it. I had secured an Executive Producer based in the states. The only way was up.