Our proud sponsorship of Team BRIT

This week we announced our sponsorship for Team BRIT in supplying photographic and filming services to follow their story to Le Mans Endurance race in 2016.

We are so proud of the drivers and their achievements and what they have overcome to take on such a gruelling sport.

Martyn Compton and Mark Allen are a pleasure to work with and we are excited to get behind the scenes with these talented drivers and show you what they are truly made of

Scruffy Bear Pictures, its director, Darren S. Cook along with DoP Neill Phillips, are going to be producing various films and programs while the lads take on the track with a documentary at the end of it all.

The drivers themselves have put a lot of things into perspective for us here and made us realise a lot about ourselves.

Keep tuned on what comes next from Scruffy Bear Pictures and Team BRIT.