Sponsoring a team that is unique and different in so many ways

Team BRIT Sept 2015 (GENERIC) from Darren S Cook on Vimeo.

I was so proud to get involved with this racing team.. I am an avid karter and a huge racing fan, so when this opportunity was presented to me… I couldn’t say no….. a chance to help a group of very brave, courageous and genuine people achieve a dream…. a goal… an ambition, but do it without allowing their disabilities hold them back.

Team BRIT are simply that… a TEAM….. British Racing Injured Troops who have taken what life has thrown at them and ignored it and got on with it. Martyn and Mark have been a lot of things in perspective for me since meeting them and one of them was to stop complaining and get on with it.

And today, October 4th 2015, Coldplay announced their support for the team and shared my work to everyone of their fans.

I am humbled and blessed to have met these guys and to have had the team around me to help them.