Helping others DOES pay off.

SPRITE – by Andrew Griffin.

A young girl witnesses a killer burying his victim, with unforeseen consequences.

Earlier this year, we got approached by Director Andrew ‘GRIFF’ Griffin to help edit his short film.

So after reading the script and seeing the footage…. we did.

We took the footage, shot on a Canon 5D MkII with Samyang lenses and we put together a base edit with Griff approving as we went along. The sound varied in many places and found it a bit awkward to get an even sound.. so…. we then stood in a woodland for an hour recording ambient noise as a base to set over the film so there was no cuts or audio drop out.

Our next challenge was how the little girl would communicate with the woodland animals, so we used a call from a bird we had on a library file. It worked.

Our next challenge was how did the stick awaken the girl without looking comical…. so we used a tin drum effect with a reverb to add something different. Finally our grade was taken from some of the natural colours that Griff had shot and used them as a palette to grade the overall look.

We are so happy for ‘Griff’ as he one the public vote at Film Northants Film Festival for this little beauty and the film received over 300 views.

You can watch the film here Sprite – Short Film

Actor – Paul Tunnicliffe and Director Andrew ‘Griff’ Griffin with their well deserved award for ‘SPRITE’

Photo ©2015 Film Northants.